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Committee Sign-Ups

JOIN a committee today! Sorors, please use the link below to join chapter committees. This form “live updates” based on the most recent changes.

To join a committee, sign up here: 

To View/Print the Committee roster, click the link below:

2017 Committee Listing

2017 Chapter Dues

Chapter dues for 2017 are now due and payable. The approximate 3% PayPal processing fee is already programmed and included in the button below. Late fee is $15 will be assessed after January 10th. An additional $12.50 late fee is assessed by Corporate Office for all members whose dues are processed on/after February 1st.

FWRC Regional Assessment – $150
ALL members were assessed $150 in accordance with hosting the 88th Far Western Regional Conference in 2017. Dues CANNOT be accepted without paying this fee.

CURRENT DUES RATES are as follows:

    RDO LATE FEE OF $15 AND Corporate Office Late Fees ($12.50) are NOW ENFORCED!

Please email Tamiouchos, Soror Michele Chambliss at to confirm current month’s dues rate.

  • Graduate Members – $422.50
  • Life Members – $285
  • Transfers who were active in 2016 – $422.50
  • Newly transferred former undergraduates / active in 2016 – $157.50
  • Reactivations – $435 (add $200 if COIP needs to be paid)

Dues for 2017 with late fees


Want to send money to the Chapter or to the Foundation? Use this app to determine the PayPal Fees!

At the Start Menu- enter dollar amount
Then click “if sending this” – this is the amount that you should SEND to RDO as payment.
“if receiving this” – that is the amount we would receive after PayPal takes out their fees.
To send money via PayPal to Rho Delta Omega Chapter, use the email address:
To send money or donate via PayPal to the Ivy and Pearls Foundation, the rate is 2.7% – Please “send money” using email address:

The “PayPal trick” (workaround)

1) Login to your account on or use the PayPal mobile app on your phone/ipad.
2) Select Send Money
3) Send money to email address:
4) Amount: $_____
5) Reason: to my “FRIEND OR FAMILY” (do not select Goods/Services)
6) Payment Method: Use your bank routing info or PayPal money to send…. DO NOT credit/debit card to pay, otherwise you must include the overhead fees.



How much is in my account?

“How to Read Budget YTD Report” (PDF)

View committee budget accounts here:

Chapter Operations – YTD Balance Sheet

 Vouchers – Request for Payment/ Reimbursement

Sorors, please use these forms to submit requests for reimbursement or other payments needed for chapter budgeted items.

Voucher Instructions

The RDO voucher is used for Chapter Operations expenses, including expenses related to chapter officers, sorority conferences – delegates, etc. and chapter committee expenses.


2017 RDO voucher – Chapter Operations (Google Doc)

Download (PDF, Unknown)

 (fillable PDF)

RDO FINANCIAL RECORDS – Access monthly financial records below

2017 Cash Disbursements Log (Monthly Finance Reports)– check this log to see if a check was disbursed per your voucher request







The Ivy and Pearls Foundation Voucher should be used for all programs, philanthropy, scholarships and community service projects. Direct all Foundation finance questions to the treasurer – Ms. Zina Slaughter at

2017 Foundation voucher – Programs and Fundraising etc (GOOGLE DOC)

PDF Fillable Voucher

Download (PDF, Unknown)


CURRENT YTD Balance Sheet – Foundation

Ivy and Pearls Foundation – YTD Balance Sheet

Ivy and Pearls Foundation Financial Policy – updated Feb. 2017 


2017 Foundation Approved Budget – For current account balance information, please see the “YTD Balance Sheet”

Ivy and Pearls – 2017 Approved Budget- DISTRIBUTION COPY



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