Launching New Dimensions of Service

Celebrating 25 Years of Extraordinary Service in Palo Alto (2013)

“Sorors, I can’t believe that it’s been 25 years since Rho Delta Omega was chartered!  I am so excited by the tremendous growth and proud to still be a part of such a wonderful chapter filled with dedicated, loving and high-spirited sorors like our charter members envisioned.  We are so fortunate and honored to welcome you to our website.”

Omonike Weusi-Puryear, Founding RDO Charter Member

Chartered January 9, 1988

With the rapid growth of the San Jose area, Eta Rho Omega Chapter was unable to adequately service  the peninsula area. In addition, the geography of the area caused a number of Peninsula Sorors to find it difficult to be truly active with a group so far away. Ultimately, the peninsula’s education and cultural environment offered many elements that were enticing to the members who hoped to form a new chapter.

A peninsula chapter then became an idea that germinated among those Sorors until the spring of 1987, when Soror Omonike Weusi- Puryear invited 18 Sorors to the organizational meeting. From a mailing list of 18 members who expressed interest in forming a Peninsula Chapter, five members met in April 1987 to begin developing ideas and a vision for the new chapter.

At virtually every meeting thereafter, new faces and names were added to the group. The mailing list grew to over 40 names of very dynamic Alpha Kappa Alpha women.

After months of careful preparation, the time had come. On January 9, 1988, with a chartering ceremony conducted at the Municipal Building in East Palo Alto, Rho Delta Omega Chapter became an official graduate chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated.  Mrs. Archalene Amos-Martin was the Far Western Regional Director. Our 37 charter members are listed below.

Since our chartering, Rho Delta Omega has thrived in providing service projects that enhance the lives of people living in the local area. Through community collaborations with like-minded organizations, we have been able to successfully expand our reach. Rho Delta Omega celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2008.  In 2012, members donated over 1500 hours of service to the community. For more information on our community programs, please visit our Programs page. In 2013, the chapter looks forward to commemorating our Silver Anniversary, celebrating 25 years of service to East Palo Alto, Palo Alto and neighboring cities within San Mateo County.

The Ivy and Pearls Foundation

In 2005, Rho Delta Omega Chapter members developed a separate non-profit entity. Through our public charity, The Ivy and Pearls Foundation, we have awarded thousands of dollars in scholarships to help aspiring youth further their education, growth, and development. The Ivy and Pearls Foundation is a 501c3 public charity registered with the Internal Revenue Service. The Foundation’s Board of Directors works collaboratively with Rho Delta Omega Chapter to further our community reach.

Charter Members


President –  Omonike Weusi-Puryear

Vice President – Carolyn Wilkins-Fountenberry

Recording Secretary – Kaye Crawford

Assistant Secretary –  Martha Hanks

Treasurer – Dorothy Davis

Corresponding Secretary– Gaye Hunter

Financial Secretary – Gloria Ladson-Billings

Graduate Advisors – Saundra Beacham and Terri Thompson

Parliamentarian – Gay Alexander

Hostess – Gloria Williams

Historian – Rose Deflorimonte

Ivy Leaf Reporter – Cozetta Gray Guinn

Chaplain – Bonita Bane


Teri McLemore Alugas

Rosalyn Monique Britt

Lea Ester Byrd

Serena Peltier Cockrell

Vera Clark

Diane Myra Walker Elam

Fannie Cole

Myrtle C. Jackson Fitzpatrick

Sharon A. Godbolt

Wanda Griffin

Marilyn Reed Hoskins

Gwendolyn Herndon Jackson

Valarie Kelly

Charlie Mae Knight

Barbara Robinson McNeal

Carolyn Olive

Pamela Price

Ernestine Reeves-Hicks

Karen Ruffin

Othene Thomas

Louise White

Margaret Ann Willis

Marva Worthy